Beaverton atrium design and remodel


WOW happens when function drives the design.

by David E. Benner

Everyone wants their remodeling project to emit that certain“WOW” factor when it is complete. That unique design element that grabs attention and reflects the homeowner’s personality. However, implementing the latest gadgetry in a kitchen, buying the most expensive bath fixtures or creating vast living spaces is not an effective way to achieve the desired result. Do not mistake bigger, better, or fancier with good design.

The real WOW is not driven by outside influences and trendy gadgets. WOW happens when function drives the design. The flow of the floor plan, thoughtful and consistent use of materials and working with the nuances of the proportions in each space are key elements in good design. By focusing on design functionality in combination with an individuals personality, WOW happens.

Enhanced livability will create timeless designs. Hire a professional remodeler with a solid sense of design and the experience to pull all the pieces together successfully.