Beaverton Kitchen Remodel #5


Lighting improvements will always aid kitchen-function 


by David E. Benner Improving the function of your kitchen does not always involve increasing the square footage. Here are our top-5 strategies for making an existing kitchen space work more efficiently:

REMOVE SOFFETS. In many older homes, soffets were added to minimize the size of the upper cabinets without creating a large void above the uppers. Removing the soffets and extending the upper cabinets to the ceiling increases the storage capacity of the cabinets and visually stretches the over all height of the room.

MORE DRAWERS. Advancements in drawer hardware have made it hard to justify base cabinets with doors and open cavities. With rolling weight capacity of over 100 pounds and the ability to fully extend making the entire drawer box accessable, today’s drawer can hold pots, pans, utensils, bottles and any other item stored in the base cabinets. All the items in the drawers are easily organized and eliminate the need to crawl into the back of a base cabinet to retrieve a specific item.

LIGHTING. Lighting improvements will always aid kitchen-function. Add recessed lighting over the walking path, task lighting under the upper cabinets, down-lighting over the sink and accent lighting over an island or bar. All lighting can be controlled with separate switching and dimmers to adjust to either food prep or back lighting during a party.

APPLIANCES. New appliances are more energy efficient, quieter and more technologically advanced. Swapping your electric cooktop for gas is a popular way to increase the performance of your kitchen. And some appliances may qualify for government rebates–providing a cost-efficient way to upgrade.

END PANELS. Enclose your refrigerator with end panels and a cabinet, this will give it a built-in feel, incorporating the appliance into the cabinet layout. These are some of the most common changes that have translated into successful kitchen remodels. Work with a trusted contractor to discover all the ways you can make your existing space work better without increasing the overall footprint.